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Stellenbosch Chess Academy
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Oasis Digital was commissioned to create an e-commerce events website for the University of Stellenbosch, with the primary goal of pioneering their esteemed Netball Sport Science Event.


This ambitious collaboration aimed to develop an exceptional booking platform that would not only showcase an impressive lineup of over 20 renowned speakers but also facilitate the online sale of tickets, providing a convenient and seamless experience for sport science enthusiasts to secure their attendance.


Through the implementation of effective SEO strategies, Oasis Digital has not only secured the Stellenbosch Chess Academy’s top-ranking position on Google for the keywords “Chess coaching Stellenbosch,” but also facilitated tangible financial gains.


The website’s enhanced visibility has generated an impressive revenue stream, with over R100,000 in revenue attributable to SEO-generated leads. This surge in online presence has translated into a significant increase in client acquisition for the Academy, solidifying its prominence in the realm of chess coaching. Oasis Digital’s expertise in website development and strategic SEO implementation has successfully aligned the client’s objectives with the digital landscape, providing a powerful platform for the Academy’s continued success.

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