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Oasis Digital was entrusted with the task of creating an extraordinary e-commerce website for Unfold Collective, a renowned fashion house located in Cape Town. Our mission was to design and develop a captivating online platform that embodies the essence of Unfold Collective’s unique style, providing fashion enthusiasts worldwide with a seamless shopping experience.


Collaborating closely with Unfold Collective’s CEO, Suzaan Bruwer, we aimed to showcase their exclusive collection, incorporate secure e-commerce functionality, and deliver an exceptional user experience that elevates the brand’s online presence and attracts new customers.


Under the visionary leadership of CEO Suzaan Bruwer, Oasis Digital successfully delivered a cutting-edge e-commerce website that has positioned Unfold Collective as a trailblazer in the fashion industry. The results of our collaboration have been exceptional, as we created a platform that spearheads the digital fashion landscape, embodying Unfold Collective’s unique style and showcasing their exclusive collection. 


The website has garnered widespread acclaim for its innovative design, seamless functionality, and user-friendly interface, revolutionizing the online shopping experience for fashion enthusiasts worldwide. The project’s success has propelled Unfold Collective to new heights, solidifying their reputation as an industry leader and attracting a growing customer base that appreciates their distinct aesthetic and unparalleled quality.

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