Henk van der Merwe

The journey & experience of Henk:


Henk started his entrepreneurial journey in 2018 while completing his Bcomm at the university of Stellenbosch. His first official venture was an e-commerce venture called Lekke Fresh.


Lekke Fresh Pty Ltd


After three years of focus the small idea peaked as a well developed online business with 16 million ZAR in sales & 15 employees. The ventures attracted the attention of KykNet, eNCA, Radio Tygerberg, Biznews & SA FM, who all reported on the story. To read some material click here, or here or here. Henk was ahead of the curve but after the Industry shift in lockdown & challenging economic times Henk shifted his attention to a new venture.


Oasis Digital Solutions


“The tremendous potential of e-commerce & the digital space is unparalleled in history, what a time to be alive” Henk van der Merwe.

Over a 5 year period Henk upskilled himself in Web Development, WordPress, Google and a host of other potent softwares. Henk set out to help other firms develop digitally. With Henk’s ability to lead a team, his whit & ability to think ahead of the curve ,since inception in November 2022 the firm has already attracted clients the likes of Mpact (a JSE listed firm), Agri4Africa & Stellenbosch University to name a few.

Henk and his team is currently experimenting with softwares & solutions unparalleled in all of Africa.

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Google SEO

Artificial Intelligence

No nonsense leadership


2018 – Start WordPress Development

2022 – Signed a contract agreement with Paystack (owned by Stripe) to act as a partner in South Africa.

2022 —  Completed certification in Deep WordPress development

2022 —  Earned 1st 100k for client through SEO

2023 _ Completed certification in Google SEO

2023 — Completed AI implementation certification


Website Building

Web Development​

Graphic Design

Practical AI Integration​

Organic SEO

E-commerce Strategy

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