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Oasis Digital’s project scope was to optimize Agri4Africa, an Africa-focused agricultural platform, through a comprehensive SEO strategy.


The objective was to improve search engine visibility by conducting keyword research, implementing technical SEO optimizations, and creating high-quality blog content. The goal was to surpass competitors like Farmers Weekly and secure top-ranking positions for over 40 relevant keywords, establishing Agri4Africa as one of the leading authority in the African agricultural domain.



Oasis Digital’s SEO efforts for Agri4Africa have yielded impressive results. The website now dominates the first page of Google search results for over 40 targeted keywords, surpassing industry giants such as Farmers Weekly in certain keyword domains. This achievement has solidified Agri4Africa’s position as a trusted source of agricultural information throughout Africa.


The revamped website, enriched with high-quality blog content, has attracted and engaged a wider audience, fostering connections with agricultural stakeholders and driving growth in the African agricultural sector.

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